Friday, 15 January 2010

Of rain and names

Nueva bestia en progreso/New beast in progress

Nunca pensé que llegaría el día en que diría “por suerte, llueve”. Pero llegó. La lluvia derrite la nieve, la nieve se va, yo puedo volver a caminar por la calle sin agarrarme de cada reja o poste para no patinar y perder aún más la gracia (y la dignidad).

La lluvia también me hace pensar. Y me puse a pensar por qué elegí este nombre “dulce bestiario”. Y concluí en un puñado de razones que procedo a enumerar:

1.Un bestiario es, antes que nada, una colección. Y esta servidora trabajó durante ocho años entre colecciones (y series y subseries) en el Archivo Histórico de Buenos Aires. De alguna manera una colección (y toda la jerga archivística) me resulta familiar, algo conocido.

2.Estos pequeños seres son todos un poco bestias. Sean animalescos o completamente humanos. Hay algo que me incomoda en ellos. Y a la vez me enternece.

3. Bestiario es el título de mi cuento preferido de Julio Cortázar, mi escritor preferido.

4. Yo misma soy una dulce bestia.


I never thought the day would come when I would say “luckily it’s raining”. But come it did. Rain melts snow, snow goes away, I can walk the streets again without holding onto every railing or pole to avoid slipping and losing -any more- grace (and dignity).

Rain also makes me think. So I started thinking why I chose this name “sweet bestiary”. And I ended up with a handful of reasons I shall proceed to enumerate:

1. A bestiary is, above all, a collection. And this humble servant worked among collections (and series and subseries) for eight years, at the Buenos Aires Historical Archives. Collections (and archival terminology) are somehow familiar to me.

2. Each of those little beings is a bit of a beast. Be they quasi-animal or completely human. Something about them disturbs me -and touches me, at the same time.

3. Bestiary is the title of my favourite story by Julio Cortázar, my favourite writer.

4. I myself am a sweet beast.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh...what a wonderful post...I always like to know the history of a name...ours is a little literal.
I absolutely adore your Beasts...and love this photo of the Mama of the Beasts in action! BRAVISSIMA!!
Have a wonderful afternoon.

monika viktoria said...

Lovely post. I like it when a lot of thought goes into something, shows it's not just frivolous, but heartfelt. That's how I feel when I come here and read your posts and see your little beasts - and I also love the progress photo

holly aka golly said...

Thank you for sharing those marvelous details. The name suits your endeavors perfectly!

Kylie said...

It really is an inspired name and they are just exquisite little beasties too! Thanks for this - I'm looking forward to seeing more of their adventures :) K

flor said...

Char: Grazie! I’m glad you liked it, and…sometimes literal is good! :)
Monika: Thank you so much for such encouraging words...
Holly: thank you! I feel honored to have you visiting.
Kylie: thanks, hope you like the next chapters! :)