Friday, 7 May 2010

I've always wanted to say this...

Sí, siempre quise decirlo!Y el ganador es... Irit, de Israel! Felicitaciones!!! Gracias a todos por participar y dejar sus comentarios!

Ya deben haber notado que agrandé las imágenes del blog. Estoy tratando de expandir mi pequeña mente de mono y empecé por el tamaño de las fotos . Nada definitivo todavía. Sólo pensé que sería bueno poder ver los detalles (e imperfecciones!) de cerca. Qué piensan? Cualquier opinión al respecto será muy valorada!


Yes, I've always wanted to say it! And the winner is... Irit, from Israel! Congratulations!!! Please email me your address so I can send you the bathers. Thank you all for participating and leave your comments!

You must have noticed I've enlarged the pictures on this blog.  I am trying to expand my little monkey mind and have started with the photo-size. Nothing definitive yet. I just thought I might be nice to be able to see all the details (and the imperfections!) closer-up. What do you think? Any opinions about that will be much appreciated!


Micki said...

I love the way you've presented the picture for the winner of the giveaway, very creative!!

I love the new picture size, bigger is better in my opinion ;)

Micki x

Anonymous said...

Qué suerte la de Irit!
Me gusta mucho más ahora, se ven unas imágenes estupendas y lucen más las obras.

Irit said...

Thank you so much!!!! I'm so glad I won!!! :-D

monika viktoria said...

Yes, I like the bigger picture size, I wish I knew how to do it on my own blog ;-)

And congratulations Irit... very lucky to get to own these two handsome darlings!!!!!

Florcita said...

Tu blog es muy lindo y facil de seguir. Digo, muchas veces hay tanta imagen y cosa que uno no sabe para donde mirar. Y tus fotos son muuuuy buenas.. asi que agranda nomas.

Me mata la envidia...ajajaj felicitaciones Irit!

Holly C said...

What a wonderful way to announce the winner! Congratulation Irit!

ginny said...

Adore the larger pictures! Superb idea!
I also love the winner announcement photo --- very charming :D

flor said...

Thank you Micky! The “scene” was quite spontaneous and improvised, but I like it when it happens that way :)

Lyn: sí, qué suerte!!! gracias por tu dejar tu opinión, muy valiosa para mí.

Irit: congratulations again!!!

monika: I changed the “old” blogger editor for the “updated” one. I think that’s the whole secret: go to Settings. At the bottom of the page you will find “global settings” where you can select the post editor. Then every time you upload a photo in a new post the size option appears on its own. Good luck!

Gracias Marian, qué bueno que te gusten las fotos, vos sos una grosa con la fotografía!

Thank you Holly C!

Ginny: I’m glad you like it. I think I’ve lost the fear of that size now :)