Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New puppets and giveaway

Bueno... acá estamos. He pasado las últimas 48 horas pintando y cosiendo. Y sacando conclusiones. La principal: sobreestimo mi capacidad de producción/subestimo la finitud del día.
Espero les guste este nuevo puñado de títeres. Mi pareja despareja favorita son Chanchu y La señorita Pájara:


Well, here we are. I have spent the last 48 hours painting and sewing. And drawing conclusions. The main one: I overestimate my production capacity/underestimate the finiteness of the day.
I hope you like this new bunch of puppets. My favorites are Chanchu and Miss Bird:


La señorita Pájara / Miss Bird

Y ahora, nuevos bañistas para el sorteo del blog.  Sólo tienen que dejar un comentario con su nombre, ciudad y pais. Hay tiempo hasta el viernes a las 5 de la tarde, hora de Londres. Y voy a dar a conocer el ganador de estos dos caballeros ese mismo día. Suerte y gracias por particpar!

Now, new bather for the blog giveaway. Just leave a comment with your name, city and country. The comments will be open until Friday 5pm, London time. I will let you know the winner of these two gentlemen later that day. Good luck and thank you for participate!


Jennifer said...

I love them all! Especially Miss Bird!

Jennifer, Arlington VA USA and owner of many puppets

Christine said...

These are darling! It would be hard to pick a fav but mine would be the cat (right after Mr. Red bather)!
Crossing my fingers :)

emily said...

such fabulous old-fashioned bathers! I would love to give them a home!

Honeoye Falls, NY

monika viktoria said...

Miss Bird is the most scrumtious thing alive (well... not alive)

My name is Monika Viktoria
I live in Sydney, Australia

And I love your creatures :-)

PilliPilli Handmade said...


They are so lovely!!!
My personal favourites are Miss Mouse and the deer... GORGEOUS!

Anyway, Those little bathers are more than gorgeous too, so I wouldn't mind at all being included in your generous givewaway! :o)

Lots of *HEARTS*!
Levice (CN), Italia!

Anonymous said...

Me encantan los títeres, son preciosos todos!! La señora pájara es genial :)
Yo también he llegado a tus mismas conclusiones, con mi par de manos llego hasta donde llego, y las creaciones llevan su tiempo...
Los bañistas son estupendos, apúntame a tu sorteo:
Lyn Newhouse
Barcelona (Spain)

Soledad said...

Hermoso trabajo, como siempre. Con esa cosa entre soñadora y melancólica.
¡Muchos saludos!
Berlín, Alemania

PG said...

Well, I am going to invest in one of your lovelies one day, but I am not averse to giveaways, especially when it is a such distinguised gentleman! You do such unusual and wonderful designs - and I do sympathise with overestimating how much work one can get done.

Micki said...

I'd love a chance to win one of your bathers.
Micki, Leicestershire, UK

holly aka golly said...

Flor, Miss bird is amazing!
They are all wonderful!


Upperville, Virginia

jenny said...

How wonderful, they are all so fab!
as is all your work
Jenny, Lancaster, NW England

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

I love your puppets, they are so great!

Indianapolis, Indiana


zime said...

Yo quiero, yo quiero, yo quiero!!
Me encantan todos tus personajes :)

Un beso grande
Zime de Buenos Aires

Holly C said...
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eieiya said...

Miss Bird is soooo cute and i love it(o no~~~ i actually want it...=))

Hong Kong

Amaranta said...

Los amo con todo mi corazón,
espero tener suerte!
muchas gracias por hacer un sorteo!!!

escuishi (at)hotmail.com

spread your wings said...

these are so fabulous! i especially love Chanchu

spread your wings said...

love the bathers too ; )
leslye wilkins

Holly C said...

These two macho bathers in their swim suits are tres fantastique! I would be so lucky if they came to live with me...and if they did I would name them Hanz and Franz after characters from Saturday Night Live. Hanz and Franz's famous phrase was "We're here to...pump (clap and point) you up"!

I love your creations! You pay such great attention to detail and the colours pop!

Holly Crawford
Toronto, ON

prettylittlethieves said...

they are all so amazing!

~Valentina~ said...

*LOVELY* Me encanta tu trabajo :)
Miami, FL

Laura said...

so wonderful! count me in:)

Alexandra Mason said...

Your bathers are fantastic! Love them xx

Alex, Worcestershire, U.K

Vanesa said...

hermoso proceso!!! me encantan esos títeres: muy tiernos! embellecerían mi nueva casa!

me anoto para el sorteo

ciudad de Buenos Aires

Amal said...

I'm Amal - I'm in London too! Hope we have some more summery days in store... weather fit for those to bathers. They're so funny looking, they make me chuckle! They remind me of characters from Monty Python, or Faulty Towers, you know?!

maria carolina said...

they are just the perfect beasts <3

~maria carolina
são paulo, brazil :)

eli. said...

they are so adorable! i love their little mustaches thank you for the chance.



florcita said...

Es magnifica la transformacion desde la foto en el post anterior, a estas bellezas en este post.
La expresividad de las caras que haces, son maravillosas!

Me sumo:

Anonymous said...

Love love love your creations! Miss Bird is my fave as well! Would love to have a French Bather in my home!

Memphis, Tennessee

cosette said...

fabulosos todos! me encantaria inventarles historias..

Anonymous said...

...well, I' e balready told you that I'm simply in love with all your amazing creatures, so it should be great to win two of them, especially in a period like this one when I'm short of cash...;o)

So I'll keep my fingers crossed and, in the meantime, thanks so much for this generous chance!

Hugs from Piacenza (Italy),

Indie Grrrl said...

LOVE your work! I have a dear friend who loves finger puppets and would love to be added for a chance to win! Thanks so much!

pammalu said...

my admiration for your work has no limits. If I won these handsome bathers I would faint dead away with the joy of my good fortune and I would cherish them enough to last 1000 lifetimes.

mariana said...

Hola, mi nombre es Mariana, soy de Buenos Aires. Conozco tu blog y tu trabajo desde hace muy poco. Me gustaría participar del concurso, pero más que nada aprovecho para decirte que te admiro mucho, sobre todo por no conformarte con lo que hacías y animarte a sacar a todos estos seres increibles que te habitan. Bueno, me quedó un poco ñoño el mensaje, pero es así, ja! Beso grande!

Coffeemonkey said...

Hi there, Flor! You know how much a fan I am of yours, but this time you have really outdone yourself! I love your little Miss Mouse and Chanchu is just so cute! Hope all is well in Argentina!

Petaluma, CA

Irit said...

I love your work! Hope I win!

Ramat Gan, Israel

flor said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for participating!!! Comments are closed now. I will let you know the winner soon! :)))