Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Noviembre fue un mes movidito, con muchos paquetes despachados cada semana y algunos asuntos domésticos como una caldera rota justo cuando empezaban las temperaturas bajo cero. British Gas nos dejó dos días sin agua caliente ni calefacción. Eso me hizo pensar lo duro que va a ser este invierno para la gente que en Reino Unido (y resto de Europa) la está pasando mal con los ajustes, el desempleo, la crisis de alojamiento, la inflación, etc. Si tenés suerte de tener una casa, tenés que tener la suerte de poder calentarla. Supongo que cada vez menos gente tiene esa suerte.
El hombre de la casa cambió Twitter por el armado de un fueguito (ah la vida real...) y se divirtió tratando de prender unas llamitas con troncos húmedos en una chimenea que no ha sido limpiada en años. Conclusión: casi morimos intoxicados.
Pero sobrevivimos; estamos vivos e incluso empezando a sentirnos un poco festivos. Así que, acá está mi sorteo de Navidad para todos ustedes hermosas criaturas amantes de otras criaturas. El combo de bestias incluye: un conejo miniatura en taza, una bolsa estampada, un cuaderno pintado a mano y un imán de madera también pintado a mano. Todo para un ganador con suerte que será anunciado el viernes al mediodía. Dejen un comentario con un email de contacto (o asegúrense de que los pueda contactar de alguna manera o de pasar de nuevo por acá el viernes), y si tienen ganas, díganme qué les gustaría ver en Sweet Bestiary en 2013: miniaturas, muñecas, broches, más estampados o qué? Buena suerte a todos! 

PD: La verdad es que la tienda está bastante vacía ahora y los nuevos pedidos ya no llegarán para Navidad, pero las buenas nuevas es que los envíos son sin cargo hasta el viernes. Después la tienda va a estar cerrada y esta bestia va a estar volando hacia el hemisferio sur como una golondrina.    

November was an eventful month, with many beasts posted every week and some domestic issues such as a broken boiler just when the freezing temperatures were beginning. British Gas left us without hot water or heating for two days. That made me think of how hard this winter will be for people in the UK (and the rest of Europe) struggling with the cuts, the unemployment, the housing crisis, the rise of food prices, etc. If you are lucky enough to have a home, you have to be lucky enough to heat it. I guess fewer and fewer people are that lucky. 
The man of the house swapped Twitter for fire-making (oh real life…) and had fun trying to start a fire with damp trunks under a chimney that had not been cleaned in years. Conclusion: we almost died of monoxide inhalation. 
But we survived; we are alive and even starting to feel a bit festive. So, here is my Christmas giveaway for all of you beautiful creatures who are lovers of other creatures. The beast-pack includes: a bunny in a teacup miniature, a screen printed tote bag, a hand painted journal and a hand painted wooden magnet. All for one lucky winner to be announced on Friday noon. Leave a comment with a contact email (or just make sure you are contactable or pop by again on Friday) and if you feel up to it, let me know what you would like to see in Sweet Bestiary in 2013: miniatures, art dolls, figurines, brooches, more screen-printing or what? Good luck everyone! 

PS: It’s true the shop is looking a bit thin right now and new orders won’t make it for Christmas (unless you’re in the UK), but good news is that shipping is free until Friday. Then the shop will close and this beast will be flying to the Southern Hemisphere like a swallow.


dawn said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Glad you are beginning to feel festive now, and are feeling a bit warmer!

I love miniatures and figurines, so sweet!

I'm on twitter @dawnbdesign I don't put my email in blog comments, you can get a world of spam! :)

Merry Christmas! :)

karamba! said...

Love your works.
Keep creating figurines and all what's in your mind.


Caro Fenice said...

I would love to see more of anything you want to make. It is all wonderful :) Looking forward to seeing where your imagination takes you in 2013. Merry Christmas, best wishes Caro from Predominantly Print :D

LaCravateDuChien said...

I love loVE LOVE you work! And I really want to win! :D

Anonymous said...

My name is Anna here my mail: a.wiraszka@gmail.com
I love all the stuff that you make but I would gladly see some t shirts designed by you in the upcoming year.
Much love and greetings from Poland.

gigifiji said...

Love your creations! Fab giveaway!

Anya Mackay said...

What a fab giveaway. Loving your screen prints, and figures....glad you're ok. Have a merry Christmas.


Mendruga said...

Yo quiero ver miniaturas y muñecas! Si, me encantan las miniaturas! Y siiii, me encantaría que me tocara todo eso que veo ahí :)
Respecto a la reflexión que haces sobre la calefacción y la crisis, buf! muchas veces pienso en ello. Si en España hay casi 3 millones de personas que pasan hambre no me puedo imaginar cuántas no pueden calentar sus casas :( Es un drama.
Un abrazo

Shweta Jain Chopra said...

Im a designer from india, settled in seoul. I run my own handmade brand here..and this would be very first severe winters..im looking forward to owning your polar bear and other products. your work is simply awe inspiring and i love logging onto your blog everyday! this is my address: sjcdesignstudio@gmail.com

ana pina said...

Amazing giveaway!
I really love all your work, but I wouldn't mind to see in 2013 more of your wearable art - necklaces (love the leg and tail ones!), brooches... - tote bags and art prints :)

Wish me luck!

Cristina Serrano Fernández said...

Hola! es un regalo precioso! para este año 2013, le pido a tu blog un mundo aún más mágico y onírico si eso es posible. me encanta todo lo que haces, y este regalo en particular me parece increible. Felices fiestas.
mi mail es elsa161208@hotmail.es

Helen Yue said...

Wish I could share some of our Australian summer with you.. but it has its downsides too (ie: big fat buzzing flies). I own 2 of your pieces and bought many more to give as gifts!.. definitely brings a smile to their faces once they open it! Amazing works of art!

JULIE ♥ ADORE said...

i'm a big fan of your work!
Let's stay alive to create more :)
TY fo this giveaway et happy 2013 :)

FishesMakeWishes said...

fantastic giveaway, your work is awesome! glad to hear you are in a Christmas mood too :-)
I love your miniatures, unique and colorful, I'm always happy to see new designs!
my email: fishesmakewishes@gmail.com

isabel f. said...

olá :)) amo as tuas miniaturas, os broches......tudo!!!!
feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal :))))

la casita said...

Oh my goodness, luckily you are all fine! I believe that real survival skills need to be learnt, looking at the future, the kids will find more useful to know how to start a fire to get warm, and find raw food...rather than be wizard on computers and video games!We gave up our tv for good, we read books instead and watch good films on a computer if we must. Said so, yes, the situation out there is getting harder and harder for many people, it makes me angry...
this is a sweet giveaway, thank you. Pop over at mine as I'm having
one right now and two more to come soon.

vio said...

Ains, pues a mi me encantan tus broches! De hecho, tengo el de conejito :)
Así que para 2013, más broches y collares!

Mi correo vio06@hotmail.com

Un abrazo!

Gail Bennett said...

Wow! What a lovely giveaway! Glad you are alright after your eventful November! ;-)

Keep up the creativity ... variety is the spice of life ... ;-)

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a fabulously creative 2013!

Fingers crossed it'll be me you'll be emailing to say I've won! gail@cardiumdesign.com

Dominique Elizabeth said...

Space bears would be awesome!


Pepi said...

Hola! Gracias gracias gracias por hacer este sorteo de tus maravillosas creaciones, nos alegras los días de crisis de los que hablas.

Mi producto preferido para crear en este 2013 son las piedras pintadas y las criaturas, las adoro y me han sonreir cada vez que las veo, simplemente son fantásticas.

Mi mail es puntito.blanco@gmail.com

Un besote desde España

caracolinha said...

I really love your work! I hope I get lucky :)

Thank you very much for the oportunity, and keep the good work :)


Irit said...

An eventful month indeed! Hope the new year will be much, much better.

I'd be absolutely delighted to win this giveaway - you know how much I love your designs.

Suggestion for new items: rings, like the one I have. :-)

Have a wonderful new year!

(My e-mail address is in my Blogger profile)

Anonymous said...

beautiful giveaway!
i love the brooches :)
i love your work in general!
it makes me happy!
keep warm
& enjoy the festive days
with your loved ones!


Paula Castro said...

Just found you via Facebook and love your work!

ishtar olivera said...

Yo soy fan de las bolsas de algodón y esta esta increible!!!
Así es que opto por más screenprinting!! : D
Besitos navideños!

Mendruga said...

Ay, no te dejé mi mail, por si me toca ;)

Lau said...

Desde que descubrí tu animales me enamoré, de su dulzura, su colorido... aúntengo pendiente hacerme con alguno, pero tendré que esperar a que se llene de nuevo esa tienda, esta vez llegué tarde. Para el 2013 a mi me gustan sobre todos, las bestias en broches y colgantes... pero todo lo que haces es estupendo!

Felices fiestas desde Asturias!


Liz said...

Hola!! Me encantan las cosas que hacés... para el 2013 me encantaría ver + animalitos, + broches, + muñecas, y me encantó lo de los cuadritos.
Para contacto: https://www.facebook.com/lizfioriti (estoy agregada)

Gracias por el giveaway!

RoSeR said...

Qué cosas + bonitas! A ver si tengo suerte!!!



Melanie Ann Green said...

Aw, how generous! My flat is very cold... we have taken to wearing our dressing gowns over our clothes on some nights!

I love your work especially the strong men!

You can find me @feltmeupdesigns on twitter or facebook or you can email me at melaniemelbob(at)yahoo(dot)com

Merry Christmas! x

Dannie said...

Have only just discovered you on Facebook and I LOVE what you make! Thank you for the chance to win some of your work.


Itch Gallery said...

Oh my goodness, I have only just discovered your blog. Your work is amazing! I would love to win your giveaway, my email address is jendaginge@aol.com.
My favourites of yours are probably the figurines at the top of your blog, but I love it all! x

Purple Orchid said...

I LOVE your woodland friends and where the wild things are brooches!! Simply adorable!

Will you be selling some more girls with birds? It would make a perfect gift for a friend of mine!


Damian y Belen said...

Hola. Me anoto para el sorteo, mi mail es damiansimonovich@hotmail.com aprovecho y te dejo mis saludos para las estas fiestas. Que siga todos bien y con caldera.

Tsura li said...

What a fantastic giveaway!!
I love all your creatures and would love to see more creatures necklaces and brooches in the upcoming year.


Renata said...

very nice blog


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just love your miniatures! And oh my gosh the little girls with tea cups are amazing. Keep doing those!


Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Glad to hear things have settled down! I would love to see miniatures, they are always irresistable.

:) debyeo at hotmail dot com

Dee said...

I love your mini creatures...

Glad you made through {and are obviously grateful for what you have...}

Happy Holidays!


Dora Pereira said...

I love your beasts! <3

Unknown said...

Muchas gracias por el sorteo ¡me apunto! A mí me gustaría seguir viendo por aquí muñequitas ¡son taaan bonitas!
Mi mail: muxugorri@muxugorri.com

Anne B. said...

What a lovely giveaway!

I would love to see some large fabric brooches, more art dolls and what ever you come up with. :)

Merry Christmas.

abackman66 at hotmail.com

marissa said...

Your creatures are heavenly and you are fabulous, :-)

zime said...

Gracias Flor!! Hermosas cosas como siempre y por supuesto que me apunto al sorteo!!
te dejo mi mail: xcarreira(at)gmail(dot)com

WhingingNinja said...

oh gosh how amazing! I love you're critters so much such whimsy fun bluebellbunny23atyahoodotcomdotau

Sally said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
I love girls with birds and anything with antlers.....your work is gorgeous beyond words.


Christina Lowry said...

Beautiful giveaway. You have such a cohesive sense of style, no matter what materials you work with, I look forward to seeing what you will be making in 2013. I do hope their will be more brooches though. I love brooches. :)

Jack said...

Me encanta tu trabajo y el año que viene me gustaría seguir viendo esas miniaturas y muñecas lindas. Saludos desde un madrid también bajo cero.

Sasha said...

Lovely, lovely giveaway. As for what I'd like to see, it's so hard when everything is so wonderful...but I am partial to the art dolls...but actually it's all good.

Mirna said...

Thanks for this divine giveaway! I'd definitely like to see more of screen printing, but brooches are pretty awesome too (I'm a proud owner of one amazing bunny brooch!). Have a great week! Mirna (snovoholicarka@gmail.com)

Rebecca said...

Well hello to you and all the spectacular beasts!

Oh my, I think all of your creations are wonderful, but my heart does beat a little faster for the figurines, so keep up the awesome work.

Here is a list of things that I like, just in case you would like to know!

The smell of cat paws (they smell like popcorn!)
Nail varnish
zig zags
Orange, smell and taste
Frosty grass
My favourite word is discombobulated.

Eeek fingers crossed! and meryy christmas

my email is bjhendry(at)mac.com
and my name is Rebecca x

Valles de La Tercia y Arbas said...

Me encantaría participar!! Son unos objetos bellísimos!

Mi correo: tercia2005@yahoo.es

¡Muchas gracias!

Burma Pinta said...

Que generosa, y qué bueno que la tienda esté vacía porque la gente cree en las cosas bonitas, hechas con mimo y detalle. Soy tan tan fan, que no puedo escaparme de este sorteo ;)

helena ribeiro said...

Love your works.
Glad to be participating.
helena(dot)i(dot)ribeiro(at)gmail(dot) com

sevenspotted said...

I'd like to see more "wearable" items, like necklaces (especially necklaces! I love necklaces!), or pins/brooches. And bunnies!

Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays :)


Sheena Oehler said...

I would be honored to receive one of your beautiful creations! I live in Japan and have shared your site with many of my friends. You have many fans. :)


Apollinariya said...

Omg such a lovely giveaway!i am totaly in!!
thanks a lot for the chance!

Silvina said...

Hola Flor!
Qué buena onda! Muchas gracias! Ojalá me gane alguna de tus preciosuras y se vengan para Argentina, de donde yo también soy :)
Tengo una debilidad particular por los prendedores, así que espero sigas creando nuevas pequeñas bestiecillas adorables para adornar nuestras prendas!
Un saludo desde Buenos Aires!

garigatos said...

A mí me encantan todos tus trabajos, pero más especialmente tus figuras y muñecos.


Victoria Logan said...

Lovely giveaway :)

Natalia said...

Greeting from a boiling hot Buenos Aires! ¡Y felicitaciones por las hermosísimas creaciones!
Te imaginarás que acá estamos nadando entre tormentas tropicales y derritiéndonos gracias a las altas temperaturas: nada más opuesto al British weather.
Still, hope you enjoy your upcoming stay here :-)

¿Qué me gustaría seguir viendo? Brooches, definitely!


La fotógrafa de hadas said...

Love your stuff! me encanta lo que haces!! que grande este giveaway!! un beso!! xxx

Briani said...

Hello, my name is Sabrina:) Glad your getting back into the festive spirits. Ill be sending well wishes your way & pleasant heated thoughts:)

Ive always thought your works were so lovely! Your beasts always bring a smile to my face:) I love your Tote bags, brooches & Tshirts, but everything you make is great!(brina_bunny@hotmail.com)

Sarah said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Your work is just so inspiring and beautiful! Happy Holidays. :)

Lucia said...

I really love your work, so more brooches will be nice :-)


Ana V. said...

Não conhecia o teu trabalho mas fiquei estasiada. É fantástico.

Feliz Natal, e bom ano de 2013

dc said...

First time I've visited your blog, very sweet art worK! Silk screened dish towels would make a nice gift and could be mailed in an envelope. I love all the stuff in your shop.

shannonblue said...

I love your figurines, actually everything in your shop!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are just perfect! I love each and every one of those items (though that may be true for your entire shop)!

Things I'd love to see more are your miniatures and creautures. And some stunning brooches<3


Emma Lamb said...

Oh Flor, I adore everything you've been making recently... every wee beast, adorable character and quiry wee plant pot! Your sense of style, whimsy and colour are amazing... just keep going and fill our world with your wonderful imagination!
Emma, xx

Tiene said...

i wonderfulll, i would like to see some brooches in 2013!! greetings, Tiene tieneshandwerk@hotmail.com

Jooles said...

Sounds like it has been quite a time for you lately, our boiler broke and we were without heating last weekend, so i sympathise!

My daughter has one of your gorgeous bunny brooches and treasures it.

Oooh i am all of a flutter! what a beautiful giveaway. please pop my name into the hat.
i would love to see some little feathered creatures.
love jooles x

KarolinFelix said...

ah... so you are an "ex" journalist... it shows in the nice style of your words... (:
I'm absolutely in for the giveaway... It would be lovely to win your sweet creatures for Christmas... (:
I love everything!



p.s. I had few chilly winters in Ireland..with wind howling through an old window....my friends were less lucky though... three weeks without water during winter...

Nati said...

Qué blog más adorable! Te confieso que no te conocía y me enteré hoy de su existencia por facebook. También soy argentina de ascendencia italiana pero vivo en argentina, aún!
Me encantan tus diseños, si me gustaría ver algo en tu blog? prefiero la variedad!
Soy Nati
Mi blog es: darsata.blogspot.com

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Love your delightful creations! Thanks for the giveaway!

Alejandra M said...

Hola, mi mail es kereythel@yahoo.com.mx, a mi lo que mas me gusta en tu tienda son los broches y las muñecas, son muy lindos, un saludo desde México!

Yukari said...

Me encantan todos tus trabajos y me encantaría ver más de tus muñequitas por la tienda, son muy especiales.

Mi mail es: rebeca.lopez.vicente(at)gmail(dot)com

Mari said...

Todo lo que hacés es hermoso..., todo!!! Acá en Arg. te va a recibir mucho calor, te vas a poder olvidar por un rato de la calefacción. Ojalá todo el mundo pudiera estar bien, al menos para estas fiestas! Felices fiestas para vos, y que tengas un estupendo 2013.
Mariana de Argentina.

Custom Lovers (Apo) said...


Me gusta mucho tu trabajo, eres una artista. A mí me gustan mcuho los broche de animalitos :)

Mi e-mail: customlovers (arroba) gmail (punto) com

dani said...


Me encanta tu blog y tus cositas, son preciosas!


Rocio said...

Hola Flor! Otro giveaway, que emocion! Tu sabes que soy fan de tus bestias, tengo toda una coleccion. Y desde mediados del 2012, por alguna razon, mis niveles de energia tuvieron sus altibajos (lo normal es q esten altos la mayor parte del tiempo). Asi que tu forzudito Serguei me ayudo a recordar lo de "Be strong". Gracias! Ah, y lo que me gustaria es que pusieras algun broche de esos basados en las criaturas de Sendak, que la ultima vez no alcance a comprarme ninguno. Bueno, felices fiestas, y que la pases genial en Argentina! Besosssss!

PorsbyDesign said...

Amazing giveaway! I just adore your beautiful work especially the little bunny in the tea cup, so sweet x

lain said...

I love everything you do!
Thanks for opportunity to win a present from you :-)


SaMtRoNiKa said...

Hola! :) como para perderme este giveaway ^^ me encanta todo lo que haces, simplemente te diria que siguieras como hasta ahora, haciendo lo que te salga, me gustan especialmente tus figuritas pero es imposible encontrar algo que no pueda gustarme.

Abrazos des de España!

las sandalias de ana said...

Enhorabuena por todo lo que haces! Es precioso, feliz 2013 y que se puede pedir a una artista como tu? Alguna ilustración, papelería, lo que sea! Besos ;)

Leonor Silva said...

Your artwork is way too beautiful! TY & Happy 2013

Audrey said...

So in love <3

Merry Christmas !

Anonymous said...

i hope you're nice and warm now!
what a wonderful giveaway you have going on here :)


Darla Okada said...

I'm happy seeing any cute beast you imagine!


Cathy said...

I've been drooling over your broaches. Love to see more. I love a bit of art you can wear and some whimsy is good for an outfit. Love the give away

Virgínia said...

I love your work so I won't miss this giveaway! I would love to see more artdolls next year but the most important thing is that you keep yourself alive and healthy!! :)
Have a great new year!

liwen said...

I just love everything that has to do with little flying pigs and bunnies. Hopefully you can make more brooches... they are whimsical!

Happy Holidays!

Mary Ellen said...

Yay! A fun holiday giveaway! How exciting!! If I am the lucky gal: melfrog29@gmail.com ~ I have so enjoyed all of Flor's whimsical creations, but I cherish my bunny clutch pin & my woodland beast wall sculpture. My other brooch beats are displayed in vintage fabric lined shadow boxes & hop out to adorn a collar and hat or two a week. Such joy & enchantment brought into my life from Flor's Sweet little bestiary. Thanks Flor! Stay warm this week & Merry Christmas!! Mary Ellen

Kimberly Santini said...

Oh, I would LOVE to see little pendants that could be worn as jewelry - pinned on lapels or hats or strung on a ribbon....... thank you for asking!!


Anonymous said...

wonderfull!!! love youre blog and this giveaway!
would be happy to see more miniature figurines.
marry christmess :)

noga k.b.

Anonymous said...

¡Me encanta Sweet bestiary, que tengas un buen año!
Aída Alanís de la Rosa

My Hideaway said...

I love your miniatures and figurines, but really everything in your shop is lovely! :)
Would love to win this!!
Hope you stay warm. We were without running water and heat last year during winter for several days. It was tough!

i spy with my crafty eyes said...

I'd love to see more minis and screen printing!!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Melissa Kojima said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all the heating problems. I too have much compassion for all those who are unemployed or unsheltered. I keep them in my heart. I'm glad you didn't get sick from the smoke.

Happy holidays to you and all your blog readers.

I adore your art dolls, so I ask that you make more of those in 2013 and those really wonderful brooches too.

If I am so lucky to win out of all these blog posts, here is my contact email: artistinlalaland (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Adelante con tus maravillosos trabajos. Con todas las cosas nuevas, claro, ¡¡¡pero también queremos muñecas!!!
Felices fiestas y muchos saludos desde Berlín

Soledad said...

Adelante con tu maravilloso trabajo. Siempre con cosas nuevas pero ¡¡¡también muchas muñecas!!!
Felices fiestas y muchos saludos desde Berlín

MADA said...

it will be so hard to win ;)
But I will not give up my hopes !

marta said...

Gracias por este giveaway!!!
Yo tuve la suerte de recibir como regalo de cumple uno de tus broches hace algún tiempo... una pequeña joya!

Me encantan los broches y figuritas de animales y pequeñas bestias; pero estaría genial ver más canvas bag o láminas con alguna ilustración.... Y mucho color como siempre!!


Pizpireta said...

que bien!!! a ver si tengo suerte, me encanta todo! ademas cada vez que me pongo el broche "Wood dweller" triunfa!!! asi que tambien elijo que haya mas broches :)
mi mail pizpiretacomplementos@gmail.com

Constanca AA said...

I just love you work!
It makes me find the sweetest child inside of me.
I would like to see more dolls and broches in 2013.

Keep always heating our hearts even in the winter!

Thank you!
Constança AA

lucrecia rodriguez said...

me encantaria ver en sweet bestiary en el 2013 mas estampas!!
adoro tu trabajo!
Felices Fiestas!!!
saludos desde Argentina,


Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Oh, I would LOVE a chance to win one of your lovely creations! Thank you! My email is cherylh @ twcny . rr .com (take out the spaces though! I put in the spaces to cut down on the chances that a spam bot would find my email).

Heaps of Hugs,

Lucrecia Garino said...

hola linda! te habra llegado mi mail?
soy de cordoba argentina,
por acá tambien estan las papas calientes pero todo el mundo quiere disfrutar las pequeñas cosas que aun podemos consumir y la llegada de las fiestas y vacaciones.

me gusta todo lo que haces! sellos seria algo lindo!!

felices fiestas!!



Laila said...

I am a big fan of your brooches, especially ones with ears or antlers! More of these please. I so love your work! X

Steam Kid said...

How cool. I would love to see more brooches, cause they're awesome and you can wear them everywhere you go ^^


Dorothée said...

Hola Flor !
Qué pena tus problemas de calefacción ! No quedo tan lontano de ti, e lo sé que hace friiiio ! Muchas gracias por este giveaway muy bonito. Me gustaría ver aun mas miniaturas y muñecas hechas por ti en 2013, porqué me encantan !
Soy @FollesMarquises on Twitter !
Un besito.

DoodleFactory said...

what a lovely giveaway! your figurines are my absolute favorite. creatures@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Like many others say here, anything you make will be beautiful! Warm holiday wishes and a productive 2013 to you!


floating thru fields said...

Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!
I love your work, thank you for sharing your creativity, you are an inspiration :)


Cara Carmina said...

Que lindo todo lo nuevo que haces mujer! sabes que soy FAN de tus creaturas! (tengo una viendome todos los dìas en el estudio! la amo!) :D
Me encantaría que hicieras más muñecas son mi adoración!!!!!!!
Y bueno te deseo un viaje al sur lleno de sol y de mucho amor!!!! :D

un abrazo muy fuerte!!!! :D

daisy daydreams said...

I am so in love with your stuff. Whatever you add in 2013 will be fine with me.
With much love Amanda...x


Nafsika said...

Lovely blog! I would like to see more brooches!!!

Cordelia said...

Vaya.... siento lo de tu Calefacción, yo cuando vivia sola pasé mucho frio y me dije que nunca más lo volveria a pasar, tipo Scarlett O'Hara... pues te deseo todo tipo de felicidad para tí y los tuyos y para el 2013 me encantaria ver conejitos y cerditos con alas hechos por tí, son adorables y al contemplarlos me hacen olvidar lo dura que es la vida...
por cierto mi correo es prestige@hotmail.es

nini said...

This is so sweet of you! I honestly love every thing you make but I'm more inclined towards little things in the cups and little bestiaries but as I said, I looooove everything that comes from your hands.

I really wish I'd be so lucky to receive this package but somehow (speaking from the experience) I doubt it. But I'll hope anyways :)

Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you all the best in 2013! And may the rest of 2012 be warm, cosy and full of love.



Belen said...

muñecas ^^ aunque la verdad me encanta todo lo que haces